Who We Are

Sean McNicholas

Chief Executive Officer
What do you do?

I am taking what was started almost 50 years ago and moving it into the next 50 with its new challenges and exciting opportunities.

How did you get here?

After working with a consulting firm in California and Colorado, I made my way back to Denver and once again at SSA but this time, not as a busser.

If you could take an SSA pillar out to dinner what would it be and why?

I would take the “Culture” pillar out to dinner because, quite frankly, I know we’d have one really good time.

Kevin Elderedge

Chief Administration Officer
What do you do?

I have been with the company over 30 years, witnessing firsthand, the enhancement and development of the SSA brand. I oversee and implement financial strategy while enhancing the company’s strategic planning.

How did you get here?

I started selling souvenir hats and pennants at Mile High Stadium in 1979. I’ve worked my way through all aspects of the company, landing in Accounting.  Some may say operations is the most fun department of SSA, but I beg to differ!

If you could take an SSA pillar out to dinner what would it be and why?

I would take out “Operation Excellence” because that is the only one that has been around longer than me


Travis Kight

Chief Executive Chef
What do you do?

The reason I do what I do is because of our team of 50+ Executive Chefs, who have been pivotal in changing the vision and structure of our culinary operations.  We use community-influenced menus and cutting-edge technology to design concepts unique to our individual markets.   My favorite moments are when the creative ideas are flowing, outside the box thinking is happening…and then Eric comes in and brings me back to reality.   But my team and I still don’t stop and secretly, Eric supports that.

If you could take an SSA pillar out to dinner what would it be and why?

I would take “Social Responsibility” out to dinner because it knows the secret sauce to making our menus unique.

Eric Loyall

Chief Operations Officer
What do you do?

Today, I pride myself in 25 years’ experience in hospitality (I’ve worked with more than 100 Zoos, Museums, Aquariums, and Attractions throughout my career).  So, it’s safe to say, I’ve learned a lot.  My main priorities at SSA are fostering a best-in-class culture while attracting and engaging visitors throughout all nationwide accounts…and shutting down Travis’ wild ideas.

How did you get here?

Growing up in Boston, I always wanted to be able to work for a company where I was able to see the difference I’m making. Starting my career at Marriott, learning customer service, I knew joining an organization with customer-centric values was key. In 1996, I moved to Ohio with my supportive wife and three kids.

If you could take an SSA pillar out to dinner what would it be and why?

If I could take an SSA Pillar out to dinner, I would take “Growth.” The “Growth” pillar is exciting, shows up with interesting stories, and is always up to something new.   Best of all, “Growth” will invite the other pillars to dinner too, and then will pay for everything!

Shannon Fitzgerald

Chief People Officer
What do you do?

I have taken on the role to elevate our HR, culture, diversity, and community engagement throughout the company.  We launched the People Department in 2018, where we strive to empower our managers and employees with the tools and resources to enhance all aspects of an employee’s lifecycle.  Our programs and initiatives like DICE, SSAVVY, Mentorship, SSAfety and SSAY have helped our team members grow their professional skills, while thriving in our competitive industry.

How did you get here?

Born and raised in Denver, I got the itch to get out of town.  School and work brought me to Chicago.  After enjoying life in the Windy City for a few years, the mountains and outdoor lifestyle was calling for my family and me to return.

If you could take an SSA pillar out to dinner what would it be and why?

If I could take a pillar to dinner it would be the “People” pillar because if it’s anything like the People Department, then I know I’m in for a real treat.

If you could take an SSA pillar out to dinner what would it be and why?

Growth because we would have a great time talking about the journey of SSA and all it’s chapters.

Mark Schroeder 


Culture would be my choice to take for dinner because the people here at SSA are honest and true to their values.

David Goetz

EVP of Client Services

I would take social responsibility to dinner because balanced objectives enhance the world for future generations.

Chris McNicholas

General Counsal

People – Because, one of my favorite enjoyments in life, is spending time with the people who “make it happen” each and everyday for SSA.

Nick Rado

Executive Vice President of Food and Beverage

If I could take a SSA Pillar out to dinner I would take “Growth” because more growth = more people, more, culture, more operational excellence and more social responsibility.

Rus Murakami

Regional VP - Pacific

I’m a sucker for a good meal and a laugh, and the people of SSA like to do both of those things very well.

Jake Pugh

Regional VP - West

I firmly believe listening to what our people have to say is the foundation to make us successful in all of our five pillars. “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

Mark Kathman

Regional VP - Mountain

I joined SSA eight years ago, primarily for its culture. Our culture sets us apart from all our competitors, and it’s nice to see its one of our five pillars. Congrats to SSA!

Steve Wells

Regional VP - East

I would take people to dinner because I believe everything starts with the people.

Tracie Skretny

VP of Retail Operations

I would take People out to dinner because I feel our success in the other pillars is due to the amazing team we have here at SSA.

Jacki Sorvillo 

VP of Retail Merchandise

Operational Excellence because everything that we do we attempt to make it as best as we possibly can.

Todd Langfield

Area GM

The culture will be able to tell me all about the history, how we were shaped, the values, principles, our people, how SSA operates / conducts business and build relationships.

Tony Smith

Area GM

I feel with culture you don’t have to worry about taking it to the wrong place. Culture is cool with some street tacos from a trendy local spot or a four star meal that offers 1,200 bottles of wine… just kidding.

Gary Gochenour

Area GM

People: I am a social butterfly who gains a new family member with every addition to SSA.

Tera Greenwood

Director of Business Development

You can’t have people without culture. Cultivating strong relationships is vital for SSA’s family culture with our guests, team members, and clients.

Chris Lake

Director of Merchandise

Growth is the engine that makes any great company relevant and exciting. But the People make the experience worth your time.

Neil Amalbis 

Retail Visual Director

Operational Excellence pillar is my guiding light of business. All of my professional success has been driven by being the best operator for the customer and company.

Ron Hall

VP of Procurement

Operational Excellence: the heart of our company is the operations and the people that make it home. They take time to get to know every team member and welcome them to the family.

Mike Marcely

VP of Purchasing and Inventory

People; the greatest experiences in life involve having people to experience them with.

Jake Crabtree

Corporate Executive Chef

The Pillar that I would take out to dinner (Mexican food!) would be the People Pillar-it’s the heart of everything we do. Our heart (People) keeps us beating in good and challenging times, and fuels our Culture, Growth, Operational Excellence and Sustainability.

Sabrina Wedderburn

Retail Distribution Manager

I would take the ‘People’ Pillar because everyone has a story and I am interested in what everyone has to say.

Nancy Gonzalez 

Retail Distribution Manager

If I could take any of our pillars to dinner it would be Operational Excellence. If SSA were a plate, Operations would be the steak.

Daron Fowler

Retail Distribution Manager

We have such a diverse group of people working with us and I feel like each and every one of them has something to teach the others. People here are what make this company a great place to work, they are my family!

Sherri Mauser 

Director of Accounting

Out of all the pillars, Growth is the one that impacts me the most. Growth has allowed our company to explore new technologies throughout SSA.

Patrick Minnihan

Director of IT

My favorite pillar is People. Those we work with, those we work for, and those that work for us. They drive every facet of what and why we do what we do.

Stacy Linn

Director of Audits and Controls

We are a hospitality company, and what pillar represents that idea of taking care of our guests better than the culture we drive every day.

Brad Robertson

Area Executive Chef

The pillar that I would take out to dinner would be growth. SSA gives the right tools and people to help with the success of others, personally and professionally.

Cory Crozier

Area Executive Chef

Without great people I feel you would not be able to achieve the four other pillars. If you take the time to invest in your people everything else will fall into place.

Jeremy Godish

Area Executive Chef

I would have a meal with Culture – Because culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Jason Stover

Director of Culture and Communication

To understand the pillar I would take to dinner is to understand me. I am the silent type, executing greatness with detail and passion, so to have operational excellence at my table would be my choice.

Kassey Kampman

People Development and Engagement

Operational excellence pillar provides an atmosphere promoting teamwork and leadership and focuses on the client and customer needs while providing the employee with a positive attitude and sense accomplishment.

Scott Schroeder 

Director of Human Resources

The growth SSA provides its employees using various internal programs, shows countless examples of individuals being able to excel within the organization. I am excited to continue seeing the opportunities we provide for our people.

Chelsea Clay 

People Development and Engagement

I would take people to dinner to make sure everyone is paid properly.

Lela Manoli

Purchasing Director/Payroll