About Us

Our history begins with a “hand shake” agreement in 1971, in which Kevin McNicholas crafted a partnership to provide programs, souvenirs, and press box catering at Denver’s Mile High Stadium. That same year, we started our long-standing partnership with the National Western Complex. And three years later, we came together with the Denver Zoo.

Kevin McNicholas founded Service Systems Associates in 1989, with his business partner, Tim Brantley, helping it grow to become one of the premier visitor services companies in the country.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Sean McNicholas joined the ownership team of SSA, leading our strategic financing and growth initiatives. SSA now serves well over 25 million visitors annually!

The Round Table was formed to elevate and grow our executive team while keeping the family core to the company. Bringing on various talents from around all industries, SSA was able to accelerate our footprint within under a decade.

Our organization was built on the integrity of a hand shake, almost 50 years ago. These ideals are just as important to us today.

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