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Partnership to Prune Plastic

How the Monterey Bay Aquarium and SSA partnered to deliver sustainability solutions.

November 1, 2019 | Zoos & AquariumsSustainability, Retail and MerchandiseIAAPA North America

by Kera Abraham Panni, Senior Outreach Manager, Conservation and Science, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Andrew Fischer, Vice President of Sustainability and Conservation, SSA

Ken Peterson, Senior Communications Strategist, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Claudia P. Tibbs, Conservation and Science Planning and Operations Manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, sustainability is a priority. Our mission, after all, is to inspire conservation of the ...

SSA Launches Innovative Self-Serve Kiosks at Cultural Attractions Across the US

Visitors to cultural attractions like the Cincinnati Museum Center, Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens and Zoo Atlanta will discover an innovative, new way to complete their food and retail purchases with the addition of self-serve kiosks. Today’s consumers are becoming more accustomed to technology being a part of their buying experience and are beginning to expect it and demand it when it comes to their retail and dining experience.  With the overall goal of enhancing the entire guest experience, ...

SSA and Wild Republic Announce First-of-its-Kind Line of Eco-Friendly Plush Animals

SSA takes partnership with Wild Republic a step further offering environmentally sustainable product in over 30 cultural attractions nationwide.

Denver, CO – July 9, 2019. SSA, the nation’s largest zoo, aquarium and cultural attractions retailer and culinary services operator, in partnership with Wild Republic, known for its nature-inspired toys and plush animals, announced a new line of sustainable plush animals. SSA will exclusively introduce the line in over 30 locations inclusive of the Denver Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium and Cincinnati Zoo ...

Service Systems Associates (SSA) To Begin Using Sustainable Plush Fill

SSA has partnered with Wild Republic to create a conservation-focused plush fill made from recycled water bottles.

SSA, the nation’s largest operator of zoo and aquarium gift shops, is proud to announce that starting in January of 2019, their core plush animal line will transition to a sustainable fill. This fill, made from 100% recycled water bottles, will be used in more than 400,000 pieces of plush going forward.

“As we continued to look for more ways to improve the ...

The NC Zoo Features Upgraded Eating Experience

POSTED 10:13 AM, SEPTEMBER 25, 2017, BY 

ASHEBORO, N.C. — Gourmet espresso and blueberry buckwheat pancakes for breakfast or a custom craft burger with wild fries for lunch — the menu is all new at the North Carolina Zoo.

Executive Chef Mark Hensley works for Service System Associates. The company took over all of the food services at the zoo at the beginning of the year.

Now, Chef Hensley says they ...