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Colorado Springs welcomes back award-winning chef to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

By: Teresa FarneySeptember 14, 2017 at 10:28 pm

Beau Green, executive chef at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, is back and prepared an amazing dinner for the Tails, Tunes & Tastes event. Photo by Teresa Farney

He’s back.

Beau Green, executive chef, has returned to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

He’s on the culinary team of Service Systems Associates, which provides food service to entertainment businesses. He started at the zoo in 2008 and promptly entered the former Colorado Springs Chorale Chefs’ Gala under the zoo’s ...

The Zoo’s Restaurant, Bean Sprouts, Caters to Families with Fun, Healthy, Kid-Focused Food

(Photo: Submitted Photo)

You know how your kids are about 7,000 times more likely to eat a sandwich when you cut it into a dinosaur shape? Or broccoli when you arrange it on the plate to look like a forest? Or a pancake when you give it a face?

Well, Shannon Seip and Kelly Parthen, two Madison-area mompreneurs, took that piece of kid-feeding wisdom and ran with it.

A new kind of restaurant

Ten years ago, when ...

Goodwill Program Helps Woman With Disabilities Land A Dream Job

September 4, 2017 3:45 PM

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 By Kathy Walsh

DENVER (CBS4) – A young woman is thrilled to have earned a job at the Denver Zoo. She is a success story of Goodwill’s Career Development Program.

Madisyn Higgins (credit: CBS)

Madisyn Higgins has a developmental disability, but it doesn’t stop her from working hard. This summer she showed up early, always with a smile, and so impressed her bosses that they want her around ...

Chattanooga Zoo delivers stuffed surprises to Erlanger kids

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — The Chattanooga Zoo is teaming up with Erlanger Hospital to help brighten the spirits of some very special kids.

You can now buy stuffed animals at the Chattanooga Zoo that they will then give to children with cancer.

Today they delivered a big wagon full for kids to pick out one for themselves.

Four-year-old Cezar was thrilled.

“He’s so cute,” Cezar said of his new stuffed animal. He named him Giraffey.

Cezar is one of the hospital’s Miracle Kids. They are patients who ...

Buddy’s Pizza to open Detroit Zoo location


A Buddy’s Pizza location is set to open at the Detroit Zoo in the spring.

It will join two other Detroit food operators at the zoo, American Coney Island and Detroit Popcorn, and mark the pizza chain’s first location inside an attraction.

While a few zoos around the country sell foods made in their local markets, they do not operate branded restaurants, said Patricia Janeway, the zoo’s communications director.

Service Systems Associates, the operator of concessions, retail and grounds services for ...