People On The Move Report

Our “People on the Move” Report is launched a few times a year featuring all of our salaried team members that have been promoted or joined the SSA family. It’s a great opportunity for us to celebrate the growth of our company and people continue to experience.

Today we celebrate our BIGGEST People on the Move report yet, with over 55 new hires and promotions. Wow!
We are so proud of those taking steps towards their future. And give a warm welcome to those that joined the SSA family in the past 6 months.
Thanks to all of you, SSA is a better company than it was yesterday.

June – December 2018

As our SSA family continues to grow, with both new members and new leaders, we are excited and inspired to continue on our 2X journey.   Opportunities for our people continue to be at the forefront of our growth and celebrating them feels great.  A big welcome and a big congratulations to all of you during this second half of 2018!

We continue to see growth in so many ways and the momentum is exciting. We’re proud of those who took on bigger roles over the past 6 months and fortunate to welcome many great new faces to our company.

Cheers to our People on the Move in the first half of 2018!