Enhancing The Guest Experience In Every Way

An App for this. A device for that. An ever increasingly connected and the integrated world is reshaping our experiences as consumers. From dining to entertainment to shopping, a whirlwind of technology is challenging providers to keep pace with consumer demands.

Mobile & Kiosk Ordering

Today’s consumer is looking for a faster easier dining experience, and kiosk ordering can provide just that. Studies by QSR Magazine have revealed that consumers would visit quick-serve restaurants more often if such technology were more available. We are proposing kiosk ordering in multiple locations within the location.

SSA, working with leading mobile application developer ChowNow, has developed a mobile application that allows visitors to place orders on their mobile device through an intuitive interface, complete payment within the app, then pick their order up at an express pickup lane, avoiding wait times. Visitors can even “pre-order” and select a time to pick-up their order at a time they select in the future. We believe this can significantly impact the guest experience.

E-Commerce, Online Retail, and Social Media Marketing

A week over week case study at the Cincinnati Zoo showed a 4,381%  increase in item sales on the online store via Facebook marketing.

Other Case studies showed the following increases in online sales in conjunction with social media marketing:

  •  3,623% Increase
  •  1,064% Increase
  •  1,771% Increase

A total of $950 was spent on push advertising – less than 1% of total captured revenue.

"SSAY on the Go" App

SSA’s Integrated Onboarding & Training App: Available on Android and iOS,

the SSA app has links to eStratEx, training, and more.

Behavioral Essentials

We’re using data to improve our operations, offerings, and execution every day. And, we’re also using data to help our people succeed. From hiring to training to career longevity, SSA is the first in the industry to invest in and implement this innovative Human Resources tool.

From Line Level staff to Executive Leadership we’re changing the way hiring, onboarding, training, and development occur in this fast-paced industry through our partnership with E3 Behavioral Essentials.

Virtual Reality - 3D Panorama

3D Panorama is the ability to “look around” at 360° from a single point with the capture of the floor and ceiling. 3D Tour is a tour inside of the three-dimensional space, a walk through a future interior and sightseeing of a future facility.